Chancery Associates takes pride in having industry-leading experts in various legal disciplines. Our team is at the forefront of their respective fields, ensuring unparalleled expertise in the services we provide.

From company inception to navigating intricate legal disputes, our extensive array of services positions us as the ultimate destination for our esteemed clients. Chancery Associates serves as a comprehensive hub, ensuring that all legal needs are met under one roof. We pride ourselves on providing global partners and clients with exceptional value for their investment. Our approach is characterized by efficiency and pragmatism, seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge technology to yield optimal results in a timely manner. At Chancery Associates, we are committed to delivering unparalleled legal solutions that align with our clients’ objectives.


Our litigation team handles litigation disputes in the UAE and others ...


Our Arbitration team is very experienced and skilled arbitration lawyers and consultants from UAE, UK and Egypt ...

Companies Incorporation

We provide a personalized assistance to individuals and international companies who are looking to establish a business presence in the United Arab Emirates ...

Civil And Commercial Law

Chancery Associates is well adept with the laws of the land and can advise the client on how to conduct litigation in UAE.

Real Estate , Rental & Construction

Chancery Associates excels in Handling real estate and tenancy cases and disputes.

Banking and Finance

Chancery Associates specializing in Banking and Finance in the UAE offer expert legal counsel tailored to the financial sector.

Intellectual Property Rights

Chancery Associates specializing in Intellectual Property Rights in the UAE focus on safeguarding and managing intellectual assets.

Data Privacy and Cyber Crimes

In the event of cybercrimes, Chancery Associates can guide clients through legal proceedings ...

Wills Registration

Chancery Associates can provide valuable assistance in Wills Registration by guiding individuals through the legal processes of drafting and registering their wills.

Employment Law

Chancery Associates specializing in Employment Law offer essential support by providing expert advice on employment-related matters.

Companies Law

Handling Companies law cases and disputes, – Draft and revise agreements related to companies’ law such as shareholders agreements ...

Family Law

Chancery Associates provide tailored advice to all family law matters including divorce, custody, maintenance, civil marriage ...

Criminal Law

Chancery Associates specializing in Criminal Law provide comprehensive support by offering legal counsel and representation in criminal matters.

Insurance Law

Chancery Associates provide tailored advice to all insurance needs including litigation and contracts reviewing ...

Healthcare Law

Chancery Associates provide tailored advice to all health care, medical malpractice and medical negligence claims and ....

Sports Law

Sports Law in the UAE governs legal issues related to sports activities and organizations in the country. It encompasses various aspects such as athlete contracts ...

Shipping and Maritime

Chancery Associates provide tailored advice to all shipping and transportation legal needs including litigation, arbitration and contracts drafting and reviewing ...

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection Law in the UAE is designed to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers. It regulates commercial transactions, ensuring fair practices, transparency ...

Tax Law

Chancery Associates provides professional legal support in the field of taxation. ...

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